Ad Ops, Content Management & Finance Teams

Your business is complicated, it doesn't have to be. Your revenue reporting is made by countless exchanges, engagement tracking platforms and spread across many mediums like Display, Native, Mobile and Video. Add in your content distribution initiatives across Facebook, Google AMP and natural SEO and the complexity of reporting data is exacerbated.

To inform your organization with revenue yielding insights, STAQ is needed to automate these dizzying reporting scenarios:

  • Programmatic & Private Exchange Revenue Portals: The typical publisher has between 10-30 buying partners that provide daily reporting you need to automate reporting and provide a branded portal for internal teams, partner site payouts and your billing operations. 

  • Advertiser Engagement Tracking & Pacing: Every new ad campaign brings with it new integration requests with multiple data and engagement tracking partners. From DFA, to MOAT, IAS and Nielsen, we can automate this data collection to give you the stats for pacing your campaigns without downloads.

  • Data Warehousing & Content Management: A data warehouse can answer deep questions about where you should take your content strategy. It is necessary to keep a data history in order answer questions about your future content strategies. STAQ is a non stop harvesting machine that fills your endless warehouse needs.

Armed with a disjointed mix of Excel, SQL and emailed reports, analysts, planners and operations teams can barely get through their most basic daily reporting needs. Any bigger questions such as “How much revenue are we getting from this advertiser across all demand partners?” is out of reach. Errors go undetected, strategic insights get lost, and everyone is frustrated and exhausted.

Integrations are also a painful daily part of sales operations. New data to bring in, new partners to communicate with, new errors to try to catch before they throw another wrench in the daily cycle.

Enter STAQ - the only company that was build from the ground up to solve for complex ad sales data and integration needs. STAQ gets digital ad operations cold. STAQ offers a front end insights platform for a media company sales operation. Bringing together the data that drives your ad sales business, STAQ delivers efficiency, insight and automation, so that you can eliminate manual labor and errors, while increasing your insight into what actually happening on your properties.

SUPERCHARGED REPORTING -  With STAQ’s UI, you never have to wait for another emailed report. Whether it is a custom Ad Server integration, an API, emailed CSV, FTP or automating the most complex reporting interfaces, STAQ can streamline all data feeds into a central repository.  No more cutting and pasting or exporting into Excel.



Marketer & Agency Media Planners, Analysts and Data Scientists

There is no exchange offering direct, fully transparent inventory access across every device, making planning and budget distribution across platforms necessary for optimal performance testing and audience reach. This inherently creates multiple data sets that need to be constantly collected, unified and analyzed.

Automating your reporting data collection across your buys enables you to spend more time making decisions, not more spreadsheets. These solutions are some of the top use cases for marketers, media planners and managers of inventory sources.

  • Fueling Data Warehousing & Visualization Tools - Visualization tools and warehouses are hungry! To feed your beast, it can take an army of people or engineers. Use STAQ's visualization tools or easily pump the data into your current visualization tool of your choice.

  • Planner Pacing & Client Reporting Portals - Collect and unify spend data across multiple DSPs and exchanges and unify them with your 1st party ad server, creating a single source of truth. Share your white labeled reporting portals with your clients.

  • Unify Programmatic, Direct Buys & Measurement Partners - Leverage STAQ to unify your first party ad server reporting with your 3rd party tracking partners that measure Viewability, Engagement and Percent Viewed. Include your programmatic exchange data and even your client's site data for a full, automated and unified view of how your campaigns are performing.


Ad Tech Platforms

Ad Technology Platforms

STAQ has your back. We fuel reporting for some of the top platforms and networks in the industry, giving them capability to scale operations and products. Your place in the ad tech ecosystem depends on your core capabilities, and your ability to interact with everyone else. That requires data, reporting accuracy and agility as well as a constant flow of integrations and upgrades.

With STAQ as an "Infrastructure As A Service", or a white labeled BI solution that seamlessly supports your core platform, you can confidently offer a full reporting suite to your publisher partners or marketers while instantly integrating with more than 400 key players in the market.