STAQ collects and unifies the insights scattered across your suite of technology partners, enabling you to explore more revenue driving decisions.

The ad technology space has splintered into multiple mediums of Display, Mobile, Video, Native, Email, Search and more. Countless partners within these mediums require you to stay on top of a firehose of data that takes up your time & resources. By automating this reporting and your operations, you can refocus your time on deeper analysis, identify new opportunities and increase yield & optimization.

STAQ delivers approachable reporting solutions at every level and a wide array of integrations to meet your needs.


Driving Automated Insights For Trusted Brands


Our 400 integrations and an easy to use UI enable anyone to automate their Business Intelligence and Operations. 


Tap into our 400 integrations or we'll integrate yours

STAQ maintains over 400 integrations with platforms, adding new ones every day.

We can also integrate your own platforms so you can leave your engineers alone.


A Drag and Drop UI enables data merging, without SQL.

We've made an easy to use, spreadsheet like UI that gives anyone the ability to create data sets with simple calculations to intense permutations containing nested conditionals - without any SQL or coding!


Insights come instantly when automated with STAQ

Imagine weekly or monthly reports being available daily. Just having the ability to make real time decisions increases revenue, lowers cost & enables teams to dig for insights, not more spreadsheets.

Fuel your BI stack and Ops tools or leverage ours.

STAQ is an end to end solution, which also can be used to integrate your existing data visualization solution. Fuel your warehouse or visualization tool, or push data into your Sales CRM, Finance or Ops systems.



A fully customizable end to end BI platform and a flexible automation solution to power your existing BI and Operations tools.


The Difference - Customizable & flexible, STAQ works with every platform and data type you may have, and includes expert service across every step of the data collections, transfer, and visualization process.

STAQ enables you to build an automated data and reporting warehouse from scratch, or if you already have existing platforms, databases and visualization tools, we plug into them with ease.

Leverage one or all of our benefits when you work with us:

  • Integrations: 400 Integrations and a dedicated team to make any more that are needed

  • Expertise: Expert services understanding the subtle nuances of Ad Tech data and the platforms

  • Ease Of Use: A powerful but easy to use GUI for merging data and adding business rules

  • Flexibility: Easily push data into visualization, ops platforms and ad servers to automate changes

  • Dashboards / Portals: A white labeled dashboard for creating portals for executives and 3rd parties

Whether you have a robust data analytics and ops department, or are just leveraging excel, call us for a demo and we'll see what you can automate with STAQ.





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The Wall Street Journal examines how publishers like Meredith and The Daily Mail are launching their data warehousing projects with tools like STAQ.

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