Automated Data Collections


We’ve integrated with hundreds of Ad Servers, DSPs, SSPs, DMPs, exchanges, CRM and Analytics tools—and we're constantly adding integrations from across the industry. Our clients know they can always connect to their partners of choice.

With STAQ’s UI, you never have to wait for another emailed report. Whether it is a custom Ad Server integration, an API, emailed CSV, FTP or automating the most complex reporting interfaces, STAQ can streamline all data feeds into a central repository.  No more cutting and pasting or exporting into Excel.

  • Fully dedicated integrations engineering team with in depth knowledge of platform data points, APIs, limitations

  • Ability to make new integrations with your partners or proprietary platforms

  • Email ingestion, SFTP Pick up / Drop Off

  • Powerful, easy to use self serve raw data cleansing UI

  • Robust alerts for collections changes, partner platform fragility


Unifying Data & Processing


As a central portal for your entire data set, STAQ also helps you build and maintain custom reports for everything in a "spreadsheet" like UI that requires no SQL experience to build a robust, completely custom reporting environment for your entire organization and third party partners. 

With the ability to create complex decisioning based on report hierarchies and fully automated collections, you can make sure you’re getting the most accurate view possible.

Built on a powerful Hadoop infrastructure, STAQ processes over 4 billion cells of daily, based on client custom business rules.

  • Drag and drop GUI for building completely customized reporting sources

  • Edit field column names, cell types and filters

  • Leverage multiple mapping capabilities to unify

  • Easily build strong conditional statements for "If This, Than That" permutations and nested conditionals


Insights & Knowledge


With data coming in faster and at larger volumes than you could ever imagine maintaining manually, the capability for insights and knowledge is cracked open and your ability to react and make changes is now possible.

  • Data collections are run daily or at any interval needed

  • Build calculations that show if a campaign is pacing ahead or behind

  • Because STAQ is completely customizable, build our reporting structure by property, department, product, audience, and more

  • Track Sales performance, campaign delivery, programmatic revenue, channel performance and ad size volumes


Visualization & Distribution


STAQ offers a simply elegant UI for distributing reports across your organization or your 3rd party partners.

  • A completely white label reporting portal with visualizations

  • Manage a reporting portal across thousands of people in your org or 3rd party partners

  • Build reports against custom business rules

  • Receive alerts on data flow and partner data changes

  • Use commenting and sharing with your team on reporting