STAQ’s Industry Benchmarking aggregates programmatic reporting data across an anonymized dataset of brand publishers totaling nearly $1 billion in 2018 annual revenue. Industry Benchmarking participants are able to compare their own performance to this comprehensive dataset by including their own data.  

  • STAQ’s commitment is to curate and grow this entire dataset with the utmost care to ensure quality, integrity and confidentiality.

  • Your commitment to contributing quality data is expected. It is important to the integrity of the dataset and your experience with the product.

We have outlined our commitments and the expectations of participants below.

STAQ’s commitment to maintaining confidentiality and growth of the dataset:

  • STAQ will not disclose the names of contributing participants.  

  • Only participants themselves, and STAQ, are ever able to access their own company’s identifiable data.

  • STAQ will never present the data in such a way that a participant can be identified. (e.g. showing a partner, content category or ad placements that are unique to a participant)

  • STAQ will promote participation by highlighting and sharing high-level insights with participants, as well as with the broader industry through ads, emails, blogs, articles, white papers, research reports and social media.

  • STAQ may also make Industry Benchmark data available to non-contributing companies, always following the confidentiality commitments outlined here.

STAQ’s Pledge In Maintaining Data Integrity

Providing accurate and clean data is our top priority.

  • STAQ has carefully identified the fields from each partner platform that are both available and valuable to publishers and we continually verify that each participant is providing  these reported fields of data.

  • We are careful to address situations where there is potential for skewing of the data. Some examples include:

    • No participating publisher can be greater than 15% of the overall aggregate annual revenue.

    • We will only show programmatic partners with a minimum of 3 participating publishers.

    • We remove or replace any outlier data or data points that create an inaccurate representation of CPM or other key metrics, such as extremely unique content, or creative placements and types.

STAQ makes every effort to review the data daily for completeness and accuracy. However, there are instances when STAQ will not know whether data is missing or a participating publisher has made a significant change to either their business or reporting.

Your Responsibilities While Participating

It is within all parties best interest that the benchmark data is valid and has high integrity. STAQ will maintain the data on behalf of all participants, however, we do ask individual participants to closely follow the trends in their own businesses and to make STAQ aware of any meaningful changes, including:

  • Updating platform credentials as needed

  • Corporate change that affects inventory or how it is reported

  • A creative size is eliminated, or introduced

  • When a programmatic partner is optimized out / in

  • A new app, or site launch

We also need to see at least 90% of a publisher’s programmatic revenue in order to include them in the Industry Benchmarks dataset. Should the data ever represent less revenue or fails a reasonable level of completeness, the participant will be removed from the Industry Benchmarks data pool.

Thank you for cooperating in the industry’s most comprehensive data set. We value each publisher’s participation and are committed to ultimately giving STAQ clients the competitive edge they deserve.