Top Of The STAQ Award - Q2 2018


Our quarterly Top of the STAQ award is given to those who have shown extraordinary skills and effort in driving insights for their companies by leveraging automated reporting.

This quarter's winners have not only skillfully reigned in the firehose of reporting data that their companies collect on a daily basis, but have also unpackaged specific insights which directly impacted their bottom line revenue.

We're very excited for this quarter's winners and congratulate them on their hard work...



Justin Hansen, Yield Manager

Intermarkets - Reston, Virginia


Justin and the team at Intermarkets have an incredible skillset in utilizing automated reporting for media optimization. So it was of no surprise to hear that Justin was able to double the CPM of one of their websites in less than a month! Intermarkets handles a large portfolio of brand web sites, serving over 3 billion impressions a month across all screens.


Joy Bian, Platform Specialist

33 Across - New York, NY

Joy Bian streamlined the reporting process for the sales & operations teams at 33 Across, enabling an astonishing 3X ROI on the investment into reporting automation. 33Across delivers deep engagement and increased ROI for buyers with their Attention Platform™ product and a unique monetization solution for publishers that has been named "Best Publisher Technology" by Digiday.

Congratulations Justin and Joy!