Top Of The STAQ Award

Announcing The First Winners Of The "Top Of The STAQ Award"

We’re happy to announce the Top Of The STAQ Award. This award was created to recognize innovative STAQ users across our global client roster. We are privileged to work with so many people who use STAQ every day to improve their company’s insights, revenue growth and profitability.


The first round of winners were difficult to choose. All of the nominees are experts in automated data and reporting, showing effort and skill when building and maintaining their STAQ accounts, leveraging the product to the fullest extent and working to build an incredibly valuable automated data solution for their companies.

The winners have exceptional examples of using the STAQ product against their organization's unique business needs and conditions through:

 - Showing clear improvements to their organization's business

 - Organizing their data for their company's unique purposes

 - Applying creative ideas at the nexus of data and media to create insights that have driven results


....And our first winners are:

Bud Johnson - HealthGrades

Walter (Bud) Johnson is an experienced data operations professional that took STAQ’s capabilities to the next level. He took advantage of STAQ’s flexible reporting UI and created custom reports to meet HealthGrade’s needs.

Through the implementation and usage of STAQ, Bud Johnson created insights that cut HealthGrade's buffering levels in half and increased availability of inventory by 17%, by connecting 1st party ad server data with 3rd party and 4th party verification tools. Their Sales teams are now able to sell a higher volume of inventory as a result of these insights.


“Bud just knows how to use the data. He has a vision for how he wants to see his organization use the platform” - Ryan Weber, STAQ


Steve Mummey - AccuWeather

Steve Mummey has leveraged both his technical knowledge and data analytics experience as well as a passion to carry the flag across projects in Accuweather. His skill set includes front-end HTML, JS and CSS development/maintenance, SEO strategies and tactics, general analytics and reporting, advertising integration with DFP, project management; team lead and liaison between external firms, consultants and internal stakeholders.

Steve created a Programmatic Forecasting Report with STAQ which allowed him to see AccuWeather's actual revenue on a daily basis against the budgeted revenue, enabling the organization to see their pacing against forecasted revenue. Then using historical data to compare the current month revenue to last year's revenue, the company is able to watch their performance for year over year, on a daily basis... all with complete automation.

“Not only does Steve do an exceptional job optimizing programmatic and direct for AccuWeather, but he's not afraid to get into the weeds, and he continuously finds new way to present the data to his organization.”  - Zach Root, STAQ

- Criteria for the awards are based on knowledge and ability to unify the automated data sources flowing into STAQ, time and usage of the platform, as well as the operational efficiencies and insights they have brought to their organization as a result of their work. 

Congratulations Bud and Steve!

-James Curran, STAQ Co-Founder